Great Experience

Place is great but I do feel a few small changes could make it even better. Downstairs sleeps up to 6, but there’s only one small mirror in the bathroom over the sink. There really needs to be a full length mirror somewhere downstairs and I think a mirror over the blue table near the hockey table would be great so that ladies would have a place to setup their makeup bags and do their hair and makeup while not taking up the only bathroom on this level. The other addition would be different lamps or an additional charging station in the king bedroom downstairs. There is only one accessible plug and it’s on the far wall at the end of the bed. So there is no easy way to plug in your phones on both sides of the bed. I strongly think you should consider swapping out the standard bedside table lamps for ones with charging/plug slots built into the base (like you see in hotels) so that both people have the ability to charge their phone on their side of the bed. Otherwise, the place was great and communication made everything go smoothly!