3 Amenities in Our Gatlinburg Cabins That Will Save You Money on Your Next Vacation

Gatlinburg is a great city with lots to see and do! Even though you want to enjoy all the attractions, the cost of entertainment can be a significant vacation expense. We want to make your vacation more affordable when you stay in our cabin rentals. With that, here are 3 amenities in our Gatlinburg cabins that will save you money on your next vacation:

1. Hot Tub and Spacious Deck

The hot tub is a very popular amenity in our Gatlinburg cabins. Visitors love to hear the hum of the jets, and feel their stress melt away in the warm water. It is also calming to simply be in the stillness of nature. You will not have to pay extra money to use the hot tub as it is included in the price of the cabin. Besides saving money on admissions fees, using the hot tub can be better than going to a public pool because you don’t have to worry about walking around in wet clothes all day! Even if you don’t want to change clothes to go into the hot tub, you can still use the spacious deck and outdoor seating. In the morning, everyone can have coffee out on the deck. Later, grab some blankets and sit out to watch the sunset in the cool mountain air.

2. Full-Size Kitchen, Outdoor Grill, and Fire Pit

fire pit outside of gatlinburg cabin

It is not surprising that there are some great restaurants in Gatlinburg with a variety of food. You should definitely go out and try some. However, if you want to save some money, you can make delicious food right at home in your Gatlinburg cabin. Use the full-size kitchen to make a delicious soup and salad! If you want sweeter treats, you can bake cookies in the oven. If you would rather cook outside, our cabin rentals come with an outdoor grill where you can whip up delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. Some cabins may have fire pits as well where you can roast marshmallows! Once you have one, you’ll want s’more! Stay outside to enjoy your sweet treat because the fire’s warmth will keep you comfortable! If you are traveling with your loved ones, cooking and eating a meal together can be an excellent bonding experience. The food may even taste better when you know all the hard work that went into making it!

3. Game Room

It is fun to go to an arcade and win prizes. Even so, the price of all the tokens can really add up. Some of our Gatlinburg cabins have game rooms where you can play fun games as much as you want for free! Bring your family together for nightly tournaments over pool or foosball. Who says there can’t be prizes? Bring the reigning champion to one of Gatlinburg’s many shops to pick out a cool souvenir!

Our Gatlinburg cabins have many amenities to make your vacation more affordable! To start planning your trip, explore all of our Gatlinburg cabins to find the perfect one for your next vacation!