What Does Our Superhost Status Mean For You?

What Does Our Superhost Status Mean For You?

What Does Our Superhost Status Mean For You? 1000 562 Smoky Vistas

Superhost status is Airbnb’s way to recognize the best hosts.

The Superhost program celebrates and rewards Airbnb’s top-rated, most experienced and most consistent hosts. Listings with Superhost status see improved search placement (SERP), better booking conversions, and at the end of the day, more revenue.

“Our data shows that Superhosts earn 60% more revenue per available day, fueled by their ability to be booked nearly twice as often as their non-Superhost peers.”

— Scott Shatford – Founder & CEO – AirDNA

You Benefit From Our Superhost Status

Smoky Vista’s Superhost status means a special badge will automatically appear on your listing to help guests identify outstanding hospitality.

Earn extra money

Superhosts often benefit from a significant increase in earnings. More visibility and trust from guests can mean more money for you.

Attract more guests

You’ll be featured to guests in search results, emails, and more. There’s even a search filter to find Superhost listings.

Garner trust

There are some bad actors in the vacation rental business. Increasingly, we see news reports of fraudulent (fake!) listings or guests showing up at homes that are nothing like the listing. Superhost status is Airbnb’s way of validating the quality of your listing and giving it their stamp of approval.

Superhosts by the Numbers

According to the short-term rental analytics company AirDNA, less than 20% of hosts achieve Superhost status.

Those that do, on average, see the following incredible benefits:

  • 53% higher annual rental income
  • 81% higher occupancy
  • 60% higher RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Rental)
Revenue graph

Source: AirDNA

Surprisingly, Superhosts charge less on a nightly basis. Superhosts’ Average Daily Rate (ADR) is about 11% lower than the average, but they far and away make up for it with increased occupancy, with an 81% higher Occupancy Rate It appears that Superhosts are better able to find the delicate balance between occupancy and nightly rate. The conclusion that can be made is that dynamic pricing is a critical component of not only maximizing revenue, but also for achieving Superhost status.

Anyone with experience in the hospitality industry knows that everything boils down to RevPAR (Revenue per Available Rental) impact. RevPAR is the single best metric for comparing property performance.

If you would like a no-obligation analysis of your home’s revenue potential, email Erik Lessler directly at [email protected] or call him at +1 (865) 280-1616.