4 Can’t-Miss Things to Do in Dollywood

Ever since Dolly Parton founded the Dollywood amusement park in 1961, it has become one of Pigeon Forge’s most popular tourist attractions. It is no surprise that TripAdvisor named Dollywood the “#1 Theme Park in the United States,” for it attracts over 3 million visitors every year! To get to know this attraction a little bit better, here is a list of 4 can’t-miss things to do in Dollywood:

1. Experience the Fun Rides

Tennessee Tornado roller coaster at Dollywood

One thing that visitors love about Dollywood is the fun rides. Those who want a thrill can go on the roller coasters, one of which is the Wild Eagle. Riders feel like they are flying when they sit under the eagle’s wings, go down a 135-foot drop, and reach maximum speeds of 61 miles per hour. There is also the Tennessee Tornado, a rollercoaster that has a 110-foot tall loop and reaches speeds of 63 miles per hour. If you want a more laid-back experience though, you should take a ride on the Dollywood Express, an old-time train ride through the Smokies. You will see all the picturesque nature scenery in style. The best part? There is no height requirement, so it is fun for visitors of all ages.

2. Be Entertained by the Live Shows

Along with the rides, people also love the live shows at Dollywood. For example, you can go see The Tones in The Village area of Dollywood. They are an a-cappella singing group that will get you up and dancing as they perform your favorite pop songs. If you love live music and Dolly Parton, you should also attend the Harmonies of the Heart show at the Dreamsong Theater. The show features two of Parton’s nieces. They will sing live music and tell you stories about their beloved “Aunt Dolly.” More unique Dollywood shows include Wings of America and Birds of Prey in Craftsman’s Valley. Watch and learn more about the high-flying performers. If you’re brave enough, you may be able to have one perch upon your arm.

3. Get Unique Souvenirs

Emporium gift shop at Dollywood

You’ll definitely need an item to remember your fun time at Dollywood. The many stores in the park make it easy for visitors to find something they love! For example, you can get a t-shirt to remember your favorite ride at Hi-Octane Ride Souvenirs. You can also pick out a special ornament at the Smoky Mountain Christmas Store. Other great items include beautiful home decor. There is so much more to choose from; you will definitely find the perfect souvenir for yourself or loved ones back home!

4. Eat Some Good Food

Riding roller coasters, watching live shows, and shopping will definitely work up an appetite. So, it’s a good thing that Dollywood has plenty of options for delicious food! Taste some award-winning barbeque at Hickory Horse BBQ in Craftsman’s Valley. Have some delicious pizza at Lumber Jack’s Pizza. You can also have a nice family-style meal at Aunt Granny’s Restaurant. Along with the savory foods, there are sweeter options as well. Treat yourself to some delicious ice cream at Blue Ribbon Cones!

Now that you know of all the fun you’ll have in Dollywood, it’s time to find a comfy place to stay. Explore 3 reasons why you should stay in our Pigeon Forge TN cabins when you visit Dollywood!