4 Fun Rides at Dollywood

When the Dollywood theme park opens its gates for the season each spring, millions of visitors come for all the fun experiences, one of which is the rides. There are many different ones, so it is easy for everyone to find a favorite! Take a moment to learn more about some of them! Explore our list of 4 fun rides at Dollywood:

1. Tennessee Tornado

Built in 1999, the Tennessee Tornado is a short but action-packed roller coaster located in Dollywood’s Craftsman’s Valley. It will be a great time for any thrill seekers in your travel group! There is a lot to experience. Riders will see what it’s like to be in the eye of a storm! The track consists of 3 loops with the largest one reaching 110 feet tall. There is also a 128-foot drop. As for speed, the Tennessee Tornado reaches 61 miles per hour! Don’t worry! You won’t have to bring your raincoat along!

2. Thunderhead

Thunderhead is a wooden roller coaster in Dollywood’s Timber Canyon. Some notable features include the twisty track, for it crosses over and under itself 32 times. There is also a fly-through station where the speed reaches 40 miles per hour! The ride also has a 100-foot drop, and it will reach maximum speeds of 54 miles per hour. With all of these thrilling elements it is no surprise that Thunderhead is the “wildest ride in the woods.”

3. Wild Eagle

The Wild Eagle roller coaster is located in the Wilderness Pass area of Dollywood. When the ride was built in 2012, it made history as the first “wing” coaster in the United States. The seats are either side of an eagle’s wings. Riders will experience the thrill of flight when they reach speeds of 61 miles per hour and encounter the various rolls, loops and corkscrews along the track.

4. Rides for Kids

If you have younger kids in your travel group, there are plenty of other fun rides at Dollywood with a lower height requirement! One of them is the FireChaser Express. When it was built, the FireChaser Express was the first dual launch coaster in the United States. This means it travels both forwards and backwards. Riders get a fun surprise as the car travels backwards to the starting point at the end. Other great rides at Dollywood for kids include the Black Bear Trail and Busy Bees rides. Visitors of all ages can also come aboard the Dollywood Express. It is a relaxing old-fashioned train ride! The train itself has a rich history, as it was used in World War II to help deliver supplies. Today, it brings passengers close to the stunning scenery of the Smokies and offers a welcome break during an action-packed day at Dollywood.

We hope you experience all of these great rides at Dollywood and everything else the park has to offer! If you’re looking for a great place to stay when you come to town, we can help! Explore this list of reasons why you should stay in our Pigeon Forge TN cabins when you visit Dollywood!