4 Great Shops in The Village in Gatlinburg

There are a lot of fun attractions in Downtown Gatlinburg. For example, you can look at the incredible views from the top of the Space Needle or eat a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in the area such as Calhoun’s in Gatlinburg. Among these fun activities, there are a lot of unique shopping experiences, one of which is The Village! It is a group of 27 unique shops, and it was founded in 1969. Before you visit, read about 4 shops in The Village in Gatlinburg that you will love:

1. The Donut Friar

The Donut Friar is one sweet shop in The Village in Gatlinburg. You will be drawn in as the scent of fresh-baked pastries hits your nose. While choosing just one sweet treat will be impossible, you could argue that the hole in the middle of the donut gives you permission to eat more. If you want a great combination, pair your sweet treat with a nice hot beverage such as coffee or hot chocolate!

2. Bone Diggity Barkery and Gifts

owner giving a dog a treat

Do you want to make your pet happy after being gone on vacation for so long? If so, come pick out a special gift for them at Bone Diggity Barkery and Treats in The Village in Gatlinburg. They have toys that will keep them entertained for hours as well as stylish collars. If you want to spoil your fur baby even more, bring home a gourmet treat for them to devour!

3. The Candle Cottage

If you want to smell some more great scents, head over to The Candle Cottage. This business has a unique story as it was founded in 1976 by John and Gayle Luck. The couple started out by making candles in their garage. Now, they make candles at a 40,000-square-foot facility located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. You can buy these candles at their shop in The Village in Gatlinburg. The building itself is inviting as it looks like a charming little house. Once inside, you will have the hard task of choosing from great scents such as the Baked Apple Pie, Banana Pudding, and Pumpkin Strudel.

4. The Cheese Cupboard and Hofbrauhaus Restaurant

The Cheese Cupboard at The Village Shops in Gatlinburg

The Cheese Cupboard opened in 1969 and has been Gatlinburg’s premier cheese shop. Along with cheese, the shop also has mustards, crackers, and a delicious assortment of German and Swiss chocolates. The top level of the shop is occupied by the Hofbrauhaus Restaurant. It is a great place to get your strength back up after wandering around the shops all day! The restaurant is styled after a German pub and has many delicious options, one of which is their Famous Super Ruben. Other dishes include their Hoagie and Turkey Pastrami sandwiches.

Now that you know of some fun shops to visit in The Village in Gatlinburg, it’s time to find a place to stay while you’re in town. Explore all of our Gatlinburg cabins and their amenities to find the perfect one for your vacation!