3 Unique Things to Do in Sevierville TN

We are proud to offer cabins in each of the Smoky Mountain area’s major cities, one of which is Sevierville. It is a great place with lots of fun activities. If you’re planning a vacation there and want to learn more about attractions, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of 3 unique things to do in Sevierville TN:

1. Forbidden Caverns

forbidden caverns

If you’ve always wanted to be an explorer like Indiana Jones, come check out Sevierville’s Forbidden Caverns. It is deemed the “Greatest Attraction Under the Smokies,” as it is home to one of the most spectacular caverns in Tennessee and the United States. A tour guide will tell you about all the beautiful sights, which include sparkling rock formations and a crystal-clear stream. What’s more? The cavern stays at a cool 58℉ year-round, which means you don’t have to worry about getting too hot or cold. This unique attraction is one you don’t want to miss!

2. Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo

The Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo is another one of the unique things to do in Sevierville TN. This attraction is home to over 600 animals representing over 130 species that live in either tropical or temperate environments. One creature you might encounter is an axolotl. Named after the Aztec god of fire and lighting, they are aquatic salamanders. They have unique abilities, such as their strong sense of smell. This trait is particularly useful because it makes up for their poor eyesight and helps them find food. If you see an axolotl during your visit, it will be hiding underwater because they prefer habits with less light. If you look close enough though, you may catch a glimpse of its inviting smile.

3. The Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store

the apple barn and cider mill

The Apple Barn has a long history. The green and white barn was built by the Mullendore family in 1910. Today, it sits as the centerpiece of a beloved Sevierville attraction. There is a lot to see and eat! Have a nice meal at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. The menu includes southern comfort foods, such as Chicken Pot Pie and Fried Chicken. If you need a snack later on, have an apple dumpling or an apple cinnamon donut at the Cider Bar. Pair whatever you get with a refreshing glass of fresh apple cider! There is also a winery at this attraction where adult guests can taste delicious wines. Using apple cider as the base, it is then combined with other flavors. This makes for delicious options like Apple-Peach and Apple-Strawberry. Before you leave, make sure to get a fun souvenir at the Christmas and Candle Shop. Here, you’ll find Christmas items year-round as well as candles. There are more than 30 different scents to choose from. However, if you come to love the smell of apples during your visit, you can take home an apple-scented candle to keep the memorable scent with you! There is also a General Store where you can get all things apples, such as apple butter and apple cider!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these unique things to do in Sevierville! Now that you know about some of the fun attractions in the area, it’s time to find a comfortable place to stay! Explore this list of 4 reasons why you’ll love our Sevierville cabins!