Make your Smoky Mountain cabin stay special with our packages.

Whether you’re planning a special occasion or just want to take your Smoky Mountain vacation to the next level, you’ll love the packages we have to offer. We want our guests to have the best stay possible, which is why we give them the opportunity to add special packages to their stay. Get a delicious Southern breakfast, snacks, food for grilling, and more! We even have a package that’s perfect for romantic getaways. Take a look at all our cabin packages below and choose one to add on to your stay with us!

chocolate and roses

Enchanting Moments Bundle


A blend of romance and elegance featuring:

  • 12 red roses for enduring love
  • 3 balloons for added whimsy
  • 1 personalized message to capture your story
  • 1 decadent box of chocolates
  • Scattered rose petals for a romantic ambiance
pancakes, toast, eggs, and bacon

Southern Breakfast Basket


Everything you need for some homestyle morning deliciousness will be put away before you even arrive!

  • Dozen fresh eggs
  • Crispy, savory bacon
  • Flavorful sausage links
  • Hearty pancake mix and sweet syrup
  • Rich, aromatic coffee
  • A gallon of whole milk
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Salted butter
  • Chocolate bag for a sweet touch
  • Chopped fresh fruit for a burst of natural flavor
grill package

Grill Masters Delight Bundle


Each of your selection of the below will be hand-picked, delivered and put away prior to your arrival. Let the grilling commence!

Feeds 10-12 (if you desire further modifications or your party size is smaller, just chat with us and we can get you adjusted pricing!)

  • Choice of beef, chicken, pork, or ribs
  • Country Sides: Choice of french fries, golden onion rings, or baked potatoes
  • Savory Additions (all of the below unless allergen risk, or removal requested, no substitutions if removed): Flavorful sausage, fresh avocado, sweet onion, ripe tomato, and colorful peppers
  • Condiment Corner: A selection of condiments for that extra Southern kick
  • Grill Essentials: If grill is charcoal, one bag of quality charcoal, ensuring a perfect grill! If propane, tank provided as well.
  • Southern Quenchers: Choice of two gallons of the South's Famous Sweet Tea or two large sodas for a refreshing touch

Experience the charm of the South with our Southern Grill Delight, where every bite is a taste of Southern hospitality.

*Steaks and ribs may cause pricing to vary! If you're looking for a specific premium cut, we will charge market value of those items. Please just chat with us to ask for more info!

charcutierie board

Nana's Snack Basket


Pull up a chair and enjoy Nana's Snack Basket!

Basket includes:

  • Sippin' Elegance: A quality sippin' wine to share a good tale over
  • Southern Charcuterie: Mixed cheese platter with carefully selected meats
  • Crunchy Delight: A package of Ritz crackers for that perfect crunch, salty and buttery goodness
  • Down-Home Popcorn: Popcorn, popped just right for a good munchin'
  • Sweet Indulgence: Gourmet chocolate bag filled with sweetness
  • Healthy Appeal: Assorted fresh fruits to balance your snack like Nana taught us
  • Southern Nut Mix: Nuts for a savory and satisfying treat

Enjoy a taste of Southern comfort with Nana's Snack Basket, a delightful mix of flavors to savor and share.

*Note: Allergens please advise us of *PRIOR* to purchase. Just chat us and ask if you need us to take extra care or modify your basket! Modifications are requests and not all requests can be honored, so please ask first.

Birthday present on table

Birthday Package


  • 12 red roses
  • 3 balloons, one with "Happy Birthday"
  • 1 mini cake (please select chocolate or vanilla)
  • 1 natural juice (please select orange, apple, cranberry or grape)
  • Assorted fresh fruit